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How it All Started

Our Environment

Clean Up

Redwood Oil Company takes stewardship of the environment seriously, particularly the protection of groundwater resources. Over the years, Redwood Oil has partnered with state and local agencies to bring our properties to pristine environmental conditions. And the work continues. Redwood Oil is currently performing environmental activities on over 22 properties across the North Coast. Redwood Oil has spent over $20 million dollars to ensure that the waters of California remain clean for future generations.

Petroleum Maintenance Company (PMC), the construction arm of Redwood Oil, oversees the maintenance of aboveground and underground equipment at all Redwood Oil stations. PMC ensures that all equipment is in compliance with and meets or exceeds all regulations set by the California Air Resources Board and various city, county and state agencies. PMC is the first line of defense and always quick to respond to any safety or compliance issues.

Powered by the Sun!

Redwood Oil has solar panels providing energy to 2 stations in northern California. Both systems are 30kW arrays and cover 6,000 square feet of the roof top and pump canopy’s. Together, they generate about 90,000 kWh of energy per year by the sun. That is the equivalent of powering about 40 households for a year. These systems prevent the emission of 104,000 lbs of carbon dioxide each year, 2.6 lbs of sulfer dioxide each year and 32.4 lbs of nitrous oxide per year.

Drive by!
Sonoma Hwy Chevron: 4925 Sonoma Hwy in Santa Rosa.
Willow Creek Chevron: 39103 State Hwy 299 in Willow Creek.

Donations in our Communities

St Jude Children’s Research Hospital

A tradition at Redwood Oil, one our customers and employees come to expect every year, is collecting donations on behalf of St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Every October, all of our employees join in our effort.

Our Local Communities

Our main focus is to give to communities in which we operate. Because our stations are in over 15 different cities and towns in Northern California, we have the opportunity to reach the grassroots level. Over the years, we have donated to local high schools, rodeos, Big Brothers-Big Sisters, local Chambers of Commerce, Boys and Girls Clubs, local fire fighters funds, MADD and youth sport teams.

Yearly Holiday Drive

Every year, Stations Managers work within their local communities to provide toys, food and much needed money for children who would otherwise go without during the holiday season.


Safety is everyone's business. Nobody takes this aspect of business more seriously than Redwood Oil Company. From ensuring a safe work environment for all its employees to providing a clean and safe shopping experience for its customers, Redwood Oil promotes safety at all its service station/convenience stores locations.

All employees receive rigorous training on how to respond to safety threats to the environment, employees and customers. Redwood Oil promotes safety through a proactive program that rewards employees for safe work practices; over $30,000 annually is awarded to employees for accident free workspaces. Redwood Oil Company makes safety a major part of its business.