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We now offer ASTM D 6751 certified Biodiesel at the following location(s):

Sebastopol Chevron - B99
Located at 5640 Sebastopol Road, Sebastopol CA 95472 Map It!

Ukiah Central Perkins Chevron – B5
Located at 605 E. Perkins, Ukiah Map it!

Biodiesel Info

Information in this section pertains to Biodiesel B100.


Environment – Biodiesel is the only alternative fuel to have successfully completed the EPA required Tier I and Tier II health effects testing under the Clean Air Act. Biodiesel contains no sulfur or aromatics. There is a substantial reduction of unburned hydrocarbons  (-67%), carbon monoxide (-48%) and particulate matter (-47%) when running B100.

Home-grown – Biodiesel is renewable and sustainable. Biodiesel has the highest energy balance of any transportation fuel. For every unit of fossil energy it takes to make biodiesel, 3.24 units of energy are gained. This takes into account planting, harvesting, fuel production and transportation to the end user.

Safe – Biodiesel is non-toxic and biodegradable.

Operating Performance – Biodiesel has shown similar fuel consumption, horsepower, torque and haulage rates as conventional diesel fuel.

Increased Lubricity – Biodiesel increases lubrication of your car’s engine, which has been proven to increase longevity.


Cold Weather – Biodiesel can gel at temperatures as high as 40 degrees Fahrenheit or higher without an anti-gel additive. During the winter months, the only way to be 100% certain your fuel will not gel is to maintain a percentage of petroleum diesel in your fuel supply. This is especially recommended for vehicles with electronically-controlled, highly-sensitive fuel injection systems.

Paint – Biodiesel is a solvent and it will strip paint. Clean up spills with soap and water immediately. Kitty litter works well to absorb fuel spilled on the ground.

Fuel Filter – Because Biodiesel is a great solvent, it will clean out the diesel "sludge" in you fuel system. This "sludge" will get caught in your fuel filter, requiring the filter to be changed. A symptom of a clogged fuel filter is loss of engine power.

Rubber Hoses and Seals – Cars manufactured before 1994 may have rubber fuel lines and/or rubber seals in the fuel system. These lines and seals will degrade over time and will need to be replaced eventually.

Car Warranty – Because biodiesel is still considered an experimental fuel, car manufacturers may or may not honor your car warranty. Please consult you warranty before using any blend of biodiesel.

Mechanics – Many mechanics have not heard of biodiesel, nor worked on vehicles using it as a fuel.

Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Warning – TDI owners should avoid using any petroleum diesel after switching to biodiesel. Switching back and forth between ULSD and B99 has been known to cause fuel pumps to fail.