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How it All Started

Redwood Oil Company was started by Peter Van Alyea in Marin County in 1972 with 1 Redwood Oil station. We currently have 22 convenience stores including 13 Aztec Grill’s and 1 Burger Central. Twenty stations are branded Chevron and located in nearly all communities in the Redwood Empire. Our Petroleum Maintenance division constructs and maintains all of our stations.

Corporate Staff
Rewood Oil Company, Company Photo, group of employees
Store Managers
Rewood Oil Company, Company Photo, group of employees

Founder and CEO

Peter Van Alyea, Owner of Redwood Oil Company

Peter Van Alyea received his Undergraduate degree in Economics from Colby College. After 3 years in the Navy, Peter received an MBA from University of Chicago. He spent 6 years in the Marketing Department at Standard Oil Company in Illinois before he realized the source of his restlessness. With his meager life savings in his pocket and the inspiration to be the master of his own future, he moved to California and bought a station in Fairfax, California in Marin County.


Julie Van Alyea, VP of Marketing of Redwood Oil Company

Julie Van Alyea joined Redwood Oil in 2004. She received her undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley and her MBA from Sonoma State University. Prior to joining Redwood Oil, Julie gained valuable marketing experience working in other industries. She has brought a sustainability focus to the company by implementing a recycling program at the stations, introducing Biodiesel at two stations and installing solar arrays to power two stations. She is the proud new mom of twin girls.


Are you owned by Chevron?

No. We own, operate and control all of our facilities. We are an independent marketer for Chevron. This means we fly their flag while maintaining certain service/cleanliness/quality levels that meet Chevron standards. We also buy our fuel exclusively from Chevron.

How long have you been in business?

Peter Van Alyea bought his first gas station in Fairfax, California in Marin County in 1972. He was the station attendant, pumping gas for customers at $0.30 a gallon.

How has the industry changed since 1972?

This industry has changed dramatically. In 1972, gas was cheap, we were full service and the Convenience Store concept had not caught on yet. In the 80’s, "Pay at the Pump" technology really changed the face of our retail landscape. When Peter started in this business with 1 station and a small kiosk store he was quoted as saying "I will never stock anything I can't count 3 times in one day". Now, it is nearly impossible to be profitable in this business if you do not have a Convenience Store associated with your gas pumps, where 50% of the profits are derived.

How many stations do you own and operate? How many employees do you have?

Currently, we own and operate 20 Gas Stations/Convenience stores. We maintain about 200 full and part time employees throughout our stations and corporate office.

Do you have a fleet card available to businesses as well as individuals? Do you provide discounts on fuel for Fleet Customers who fill up at your station?

We do! For qualifying companies and individuals, you can apply through us for a Chevron Business Credit card which tracks fuel consumption and miles per gallon (mpg).